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"The steering wheel looks great.  It was everything I had expected.  You did an awesome job on it.  Thanks."  Will C - Gonzales, LA



"Hi Carter!  I couldn't wait to show this off after I received it this weekend... I didn't know what to expect when it got here but man this thing is a work of art."  Casey R - Bloomfield, NJ

" The quality of the leather and the beautiful stitch work is beyond what I was expecting. Also, your fast turnaround is greatly appreciated."  Dave M - Downers Grove, IL


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By  CraftCustoms.com

     We are pleased to offer the finest line of high quality, made in the USA steering wheels in the world. We have literally made hundreds of thousands of steering wheels for every make and model of vehicle on the road, and are the most experienced in the business.  So, why would you go any where else? Take a look at our many types of custom steering wheels, and you will understand why Craft Customs is number one.  Any steering wheel in the world, old or new, we do it. 

So, let your imagination run wild.  What do you want in a steering wheel, and then let Craft Customs customize it for you. Or, do you need your older steering wheel reupholstered and made new again? Even if it never had leather on it before, we can upholster it for you.

Flaming River Vinyl.jpg (171483 bytes)

Leather Steering Wheels
Craft Customs will upholster or reupholster any steering wheel in the world. Take a look at examples of some recent jobs. 

Honda Odyssey 2007.jpg (175195 bytes)

Wood Steering Wheels
Wood adds a luxurious look and feel to any vehicle. We can add woodgrain to any steering wheel and make it match your interior. 
Two Tone T Bird.jpg (81787 bytes)

Two-Tone Steering Wheels
Two-tone leather adds a touch of color to your interior. Pick an accent color, and we can put it on your steering wheel.

Ford Lightning Close Up.jpg (65897 bytes)

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels
Hand laid carbon fiber is the high-tech finish of choice. It gives a depth to any part that is unmatched. See many examples of real carbon fiber pieces that have set our customer's interiors apart from the competition.

Chevy Corvette 2007 A.jpg (195086 bytes)

Suede Steering Wheels & Parts
Craft Customs adds suede any steering wheel. Whether your racing or just want to look like you could, take a look at a few examples of some recent jobs.
Cadillac_A_Zebrano 035-121-LR-LT.jpg (195293 bytes)

Woodgrain Color Matching
Craft Customs takes great care in matching wood grains and colors. We consistently achieve color matches that customers have raved about. With literally thousand of different woodgrains and colors we guarantee a 95% match to your interior.
Red Vinyl St Wheel.jpg (193270 bytes)

Vinyl Steering Wheels
Craft Customs can even upholster your steering wheel in vinyl. Not something that is easy to do, but we have mastered the job.
Gucci.jpg (172597 bytes)

Wild & Other Steering Wheels
Take a walk on the wild side with some of these crazy steering wheels. If you have an idea for one, let us make it a reality.
Sport Wheel Red Sport GM.jpg (143284 bytes)

Paint Match Steering Wheels
Craft Customs will paint sections of the steering wheel to match your exterior, interior or anything you want us to match.

OMP Racing Carbon Fiber-Carbon Fiber.jpg (180594 bytes)

Racing Steering Wheels & Parts
Craft Customs upholsters and customizes racing steering wheels also ... whether its suede, carbon fiber or leather.

Lexus RX 300 Burl with Black Lthr RT side.jpg (143640 bytes)

Woodgraining Photogenesis
Craft Customs adds woodgrain finishes to most any interior part. Take a look at a few examples of some recent jobs.
Billet Special 1.jpg (136596 bytes)

Billet & Banjo Steering Wheels
Billet and Banjo steering wheels have their own special look. Craft Customs can upholster them in leather keeping your hands cool and improving the look.
beforeafterphoto.jpg (28557 bytes)

Before & After Pics
Visit our "Before & After" page where you'll see dynamic examples of what our process can do for an ordinary steering wheel by turning it into a showpiece.

GM 03 Ostrich T-T & Dash Pull 7.jpg (140840 bytes)

Exotic Skin Steering Wheels
Craft Customs can put many different exotic skins and leathers on your steering wheel to really make it different. 

Lexus_Dog_Chew.JPG (187124 bytes)

Repairing Steering Wheels
If your dog happened to chew up your steering wheel like in the above picture, no need to fear. We can make most interior parts look new again.


P4226286.JPG (183160 bytes)

Refinishing & Restoring Steering Wheels
Years in the sun and weather can do some real damage to old classic steering wheels. Send them in to us to have them made new again.
Lex_rest2B.JPG (196616 bytes)

Cracked Wood Repairs
The finish on many of the first generation wood steering wheels cracked horribly. This doesn't quite go with the rest of your luxury interior. Send it to us and we can fix it.
vintage-300se-03.jpg (37633 bytes)

Pictures By Model of Car
Here on our make and mode page, you can find pictures of steering wheels that we have done for your make and model. Take a look.

Caring for Your Wood Finish
Caring for your parts is easy.  Learn the simple steps that will keep your parts like new for years.

How to Remove a
Steering Wheel
The first step to your customizing your dash and interior trim parts is to remove them so that you can send them in to Craft Customs. Learn how to remove them here.
cleancareicon.jpg (11636 bytes)

Caring for Your Leather
Caring for your parts is easy.  Learn the simple steps that will keep your parts like new for years.


Baseball.jpg (101997 bytes)
Stitch Patterns
Craft Customs has many stitch patterns available to insure you get the look you are after.


Craft Customs  -  519 E. Interstate 30, Suite 162  -  Rockwall, TX 75087
214.564.1170    craftcustoms@hotmail.com

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